Omri From Indian In The Cupboard Movie

The Indian in the Cupboard is an oasis of calm amid the glitzy. At its best, it takes you places only a handful of children’s movies would dare to go. At one point, the well-meaning Omri tries to.

The child actors irritate, too, and the Omri/Little Bear. and internal elaboration, the movie serves up explanations without much spark. I know this review has been largely critical. I do not hate.

The film stars Hal Scardino as Omri, a young boy who gets a cupboard. movie also moves along at a fairly rapid clip. Overall, a very entertaining film that’s good for the "in-between" age – not.

Based on a popular children’s book [by Lynne Reid Banks], The Indian in the Cupboard never comes alive as a movie. Earnest and well-intentioned. virtually no groundwork is laid before nine-year-old.

If you admit that that wouldn’t be your favorite all-time present, then you know how Omri, the main character in "The Indian in the Cupboard," feels when Patrick gives him yet another three-inch-high.

"Indian in the Cupboard," which opens Friday in area theaters, tells the story of a plastic Onondoga warrior that comes to life after a 9-year-old New Yorker named Omri (Hal Scardino. According to.

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Hey, you may be a movie star. star of "The Indian In the Cupboard," a film based on the novel by Lynne Reid Banks. It’s directed by Frank Oz, who cut his creative teeth with Jim Henson’s Muppets.

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a plastic Indian figure that comes to life after Omri locks him in his toy cupboard. Little Bear (Litefoot), an Iroquois Indian from 1761, opens up new worlds of thought, experience, and tolerance to.

blissfully unaware of the doings in Omri’s room. But there is a dark side to this movie that may disturb younger kids. Movie Review "The Indian in the Cupboard’ * CAST Hal Scardino, Litefoot, Lindsay.

The indian in the Cupboard (box), and though director Frank Oz’s movie doesn’t reach the pop poetic heights of those two (few films do), it’s an engaging and touching flight of fancy. The 9-year-old.

Omri (Hal Scardino) has just turned nine years old. The English stereo surround track that is included is far from a disappointment, though. "The Indian In The Cupboard" isn’t a movie that’s full.

Indian in the Cupboard, a joint Paramount and Columbia Pictures. Director Frank Oz would have done better to hold off on all the close-ups of Omri’s face in this movie. While one of the best parts.

Based on a popular children’s book [by Lynne Reid Banks], The Indian in the Cupboard never comes alive as a movie. Earnest and well-intentioned. virtually no groundwork is laid before nine-year-old.

In the movie version of Lynne Reid Banks’ “The Indian in the Cupboard,” a boy becomes. At least one child cried when Omri, upset that his brother had taken the cupboard from his room, kicked a.

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"The Indian in the Cupboard" doesn’t lack for good intentions. Omri, a soft-spoken nerd with a healthy imagination, isn’t your standard movie kid. Instead of spewing sarcasm and calling his siblings.

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But when Omri’s friend, Patrick, gets in on the act and brings a six-shooting cowboy (David Keith, U-571) to life, their fantastic secret is in danger of being revealed. The Indian in the Cupboard is.